• The Group focuses on developing machines and accessories in pharmaceu-tical, food and packaging industry; provides consultancy services on optimizing productivity and reducing waste in compliance with GMP standard
  • under supervision of engineers and experts who are specialized in the system installation, maintenance and instructing as well as providing fast and efficient after-sales services. (More ...)
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Tool Parts Mould
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  • The Group emphasizes on developing and making innovations for various types of packages including plastic bottles (PET), PET preform, Aluminium Collapsible Tubes, PE foam cap liner, PE cap in pharmaceutical, food, drinking water, and cosmetic industries.
  • The production process is operated with state-of-the-art technology in a controlled area. The Group also provides assistance with product design based on prototype model. The delivery is fast and clean to ensure product quality and highest customer satisfaction. (More...)
N.R. Rama
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  • Provide packaging service for food, supplementary food and cosmetic operators to help them minimize cost whilst maintaining their own trademark The Group also offers research and development services for product formula
  • and other steps throughout production process under restrict quality control system in accordance with GMP standard (More ...)
Support Pack
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  • The Group provides consulting services to new entrepreneurs to determine all-round solutions for manufacturing process, long-term cost reduction,
  • strategy sustainable business plan and infrastructure system by using Turnkey production system and quality control measures (More ...)
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