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We devote ourselves to add value to natural resources and preserve environment. As Thailand is an agricultural-based economy, we support the process of converting agricultural products into energy in order to create value, increase income for communities, utilizing technology to enhance knowledge, improve cultivation method and increase employment. In addition, we continue to conduct research and development on biodegradable plastic in order to promote environmentally friendly products and reduce pollutions in accordance with the companys missions. The company commits itself to develop society and environment for better quality lives.

As Thailand is an agricultural-based country, the country produces significant amount of agricultural by-products or wastes from agricultural processing. Thus, we conduct a research to transform this biomass into energy to reduce fuel consumption, which impacts the environment and bears high cost.

The company realizes the importance of renewable source of energy and environment. In the past, we have been using various types of fossil fuels including petroleum, natural gas and coal. As these fossil fuels consist of carbon from underground, they would release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere when burnt and stimulate global warming, which is a cause for severe natural disasters. Most of us are aware that there are plants that can consume carbon dioxide in the air and store the element as a part of their natural growing process. Hence, these plants, including their fruits, pulp branches or waste from agricultural processing can be used as biomass fuel.

When they are burnt, the amount of carbon dioxide released will be equal to the amount of carbon dioxide that they took in. Hence, this process will not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, in order to satisfy increasing energy demand in industrial sector, biomass fuels have to be prepared through mechanical process.

Therefore, we encourage the development of machine which consumes alternative energy (Biomass) such as Jatropha-oil-consumption machine and biomass briquette machines. This is to allow community to develop at sustain-able level by utilizing renewable energy.

With innovation from Pharma & Energy Co., Ltd., the machinery production in Thailand has progressed significantly. This improvement has decreased import volume of overseas machinery, built know-how on renewable energy technology and created machine with the most efficient energy consumption process which is pollution free and preserve environment for our children.

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In the near future, it is expected that petroleum will become insufficient to meet the market demand, which will then push up the petroleum prices. As a result,
bio-plastics is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics and an initiative to develop environmentally friendly materials, production process and disposal method. Bio-plastics will be made from starch which is a renewable resource, under low energy consumption process. The product is 100% recyclable and has similar characteristics with petroleum-based plastics.

Bio-plastics made from crops such as maize, cassava, potatoes, rice, sugar cane etc. by using enzyme to digest starch into glucose before going through fermentation process in order to obtain lactic acid.

The lactic acid is then put through Capitalize Acid polymerization which will produce Bio-plastics or known generally as PLA (Polylactic Acid). This plastic is recyclable when applying with chloroform which enables the materials to be remade in the manufacturing process. Moreover, chloroform can be reused in the process, making bio-plastic truly environmentally friendly product.

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